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I want photography to be the easiest "check off the box" part of wedding planning. I am here to bring fun, calmness, and ease to wedding planning and your special day!

Capturing joy with authentic moments

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i'm Morgan

love / life / adventure / you / the earth / authenticity / the little things

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GREECE / NEW ZEALAND / Alaska / Oregon / ICELAND / Norway / Italy



I will photograph your wedding for free, and give you my Superior package, if you are getting married in one of my bucketlist locations! All you have to do is pay for my travel and board.

*send me a message to find out more about my travel and the places I will go for free!


Photography has ALWAYS been a passion of mine. All thanks to my dad and grandparents, who always had cameras in their hand and would let me run around with them. It wasn't until my sophomore year in college that I realized I could make a career out of art. For the last 3 years of college I focused on photography, ceramics, and printmaking.
I am beyond grateful that I have found my dream job and that I get to create art and meet some amazing people.

Why Photography?


...Seafood/ Fish in any and all forms.... Weird? I know right?!

If I could only eat one type of food it would be...


Honestly..... every part! Every wedding day is different and every couple is different (which is something I absolutely adore). I love being able to see the different personalities come out in the details of the day, the looks between you and the ones you love, the people you surround yourself with,  AND I will 100% drop it low with you out on the dance floor!

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?


following my heart...
               ... becoming a wife and creating my own business

my biggest accomplishment, so far, is...

(I know, I know... very cheesy of me... but it's true!)


...AKA CasMan, Bro, CasCas, Prince Caspian, Bugs, Psycho, etc.
Nick and I rescued him when we first moved in together. And boy, he has kept us on our toes and has taught us a lot about being dog owners. He is incredibly loyal and protective (maybe a little too much). Having him has been one of the more challenging, yet rewarding and loving experiences.

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